WARNING: Fineo is no longer supported by DensityDesign.
The visual model is now part of our new tool, Raw:

To start select the file to upload from your computer, then press Submit.
If you want to retrieve your session just copy and save the URL.

If you want to know more about Fineo check out the project page on our website.
Fineo and all generated images are under CC BY-SA (crediting to "developed using Fineo. DensityDesign Research Lab - Politecnico di Milano").
If you publish any artwork using Fineo just let us know!
To report bugs write us.

With the latest version of many browsers we're experiencing the same problem exporting PDF.

To create PDF outputs you can follow these instructions:
- open the visualization in Firefox
- click on the button 'print' inside Fineo Application
- set as paper size 'custom' value
- set as height and width of the artboard 500 cm
- print as pdf

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Files must be .tsv (Tab Separated Values). ID column is not necessary. Column header is required.
Max file size 10Mb.
Download the sample data file or try out the application demo with the data sample.

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